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How To Recover From Binge Eating – And Feel Great Again!

Recover From Binge Eating
If you are like most people, every once in a while you will probably overdo it.
Here are some useful tips to help you get back on track quickly so you can great again.

If you are honest with yourself - and we all want to think we are - no matter how healthy you usually eat, you are only human, so at some point, it is almost inevitable that you will stuff yourself silly.

However, an overeating mistake - even a big one- doesn't need to completely derail the healthy eating plan that you have been trying to follow.

Below are nine proven ways that you can get yourself back on track and feel better after an overeating binge:

Give Yourself A Break 

do not panicAre you feeling guilty about the fact that you ate too much?

Don't, expecting yourself always to be perfect is unreasonable. Acknowledge this, and don't waste your time and mental energy over should-haves.

Instead, focus on the things you will do in the future.

Eat Normally 

eat normally
So yesterday you consumed 4,000 calories in just one meal. That still doesn't mean that you should eat zero calories today.

Many women believe that the day after binging they can eat only an Orange, and that will make them feel better. However, you will just end up feeling worse.

It is critical to provide your body with fuel for weight loss, health, and energy. Also, if you get yourself into a pattern of feast-or-famine, it can result in you developing an unhealthy relationship with the food that you eat.

Get Your Blood Sugar Stabilized 

blood stabilizedBinge-eating episodes usually involve consuming lots of carbs (do you remember the last time that you ate too much Brussel sprouts and chicken?). This results in your blood sugar levels skyrocketing and then plummeting rapidly.

One of the main reasons for this is, no matter how much you might have stuffed yourself, you were still hungry a few afters after you ate for more cookies.

Rather than eating more foods full of sugar, choose food rich in protein instead, like lean turkey or Greek yogurt to slow your digest down and get your blood sugar stabilized

Focus On The Portion Sizes Of Your Meals 

small meal sizesAlthough some of the most common binge foods are very unhealthy, an even larger problem is they are often served in huge quantities.

Reverting to normal portion sizes will help your stomach feel lighter and better, and you can take a huge step towards healthy eating once more.

Be Selective About Keeping The Right Leftovers 

keeping leftover foodIf you binge ate a meal over the holidays, be selective about leftovers.

Not every holiday food is cooked equally - and how they were prepared should determine whether or not they should be left in your refrigerator or given to others or thrown away.

For example, a baked turkey is very healthy. Sweet potatoes can be healthy if you didn't cook them with a bunch of mini marshmallows, cinnamon, and butter.

Any foods that are unhealthy should go. If you put them in your refrigerator you will end up eating them, even when you aren't hungry. So throw them away.

Get Moving 

get walkingExercising can help to reduce your appetite and cause you to eat less through changing the balance of your body's ghrelin and leptin, which are two hormones, which work together to regulate your feelings of hunger and satiety.

Do you feel yucky? If so, make your workout an easy one. In one study, 45 minutes worth of brisk walking reduced women's appetites.

A walking workout also can help you feel a lot healthier, and it will make you feel you are getting your health under control by taking action.

We tend to make better decisions when we feel good about ourselves.

Give Yourself A Treat 

treat yourselfGo for something like a pedicure, or a relaxing bubble bath, or a cup of one of your favorite teas.

Starting or ending the day with a favorite pampering ritual really can help you feel much more comfortable.

The point is not being angry and bloated, but instead to feel good by renewing your healthy eating program.

Drink Plenty Of Water

drink waterYes, you consumed lots of calories all at once, but there is a good chance you also had a significant intake of sodium as well.

Drinking water as a continuous process, the day after your binge eating session, can naturally help to flush out the sodium and also reduce potential sodium-induced dehydration that is often mistaken for hunger pangs.

Get Some Support 

get a friendFinally, know that you aren't alone when it comes to binge eating.

Find a friend to work together to eat better, as you can help each other to keep you accountable.

When you surround yourself with individuals who eat healthy food, it makes it much easier for you to do the same thing. As according to research, our eating habits tend to change subconsciously to mirror those who are around us.

Our Final Thoughts

Don't feel bad when you binge eat, it's only natural. Follow any of the points above and feel good about yourself once again.
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